Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year

You are you, even with the new year coming...came.
I am me despite one year.
Spots on the pavement and pot holes on the highway
tell me one thing.
Everything that is permanent is inside.
Forget the indoor parlors or living areas,
couches and throw rugs.
Take your mind to those interiors that
soak up every experience, that drip personality,
and belch opportunity.
Inside, covered by flesh and scars,
where destruction can dwell but has to be invited,
and can as easily be chased off;
like the 15 year old
who made fun of you and all your friends
at your 12th birthday party;
making a point to point out your costumes
and matching party hats.
White with red and green stripes.
But oh well.
What good is a 12 year old mocking
if taken too seriously.
Especially from a 15 year old,
who was not invited to your party
but desperately wanted to be.

Some things change. Others are changing.

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